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We started building energy efficient homes when there was a world wide energy crisis. Prices of fuel were high so it made sense to make the homes as tight as possible to conserve that valuable fuel.
The super insulated and earth sheltered homes that we build are a result of that energy conservation mindset. Close attention to detail is required and an air exchanger is necessary for proper home ventilation. Where a lot of builders are building to Energy Star standards, our homes have been exceeding those standards for years. As a result, these homes will heat for under $500 per year. This is the ultimate in green building!
See examples of energy efficient homes below.
The Dalton home heats for under $500 per year. It has 12" thick walls and R 50 insulation in the ceiling.
The Montana Superinsulation Project was monitered for one year and the electric baseboards heated the house for $239 for the year.
This super insulated house built in Lewistown in 1985 is still heating for under $300 per year.
An earth sheltered home in Billings
This home has earth sheltering on three sides and the roof!
Billings energy efficient home
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