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Hi Rick

Thank you friend.
It has been over 15 years since you built 4730 Arapaho Lookout. If you remember it was practically built on the computer. I had to have faith in you and your ability to do it right as I could not be here as you progressed.

A couple of glitches and than just pure pleasure for all these years.

Let me tell you what I appreciate:
The additive you used in the drive way avoided cracks.
The roofing material that was declared unsuitable by others has worked perfectly.
The vented eves to the attic work very well.
The skylights don't leak.
The solid 4 ft. interior doors have a good felling.
You laid out the driveway just right.
The heating and cooling work perfectly.
We got the garage so that it is against the storms and the front door is exactly north.
The stand up head room for the plumbing is a great help.
And other nice things.

Come by and see it for youself after 15 years.

We will always remember your youngest when you showed her your work, saying "Where is the rest of the house?"

Harriett and I wish you the best for you and your family these comming years.
Ralph and Harriett Salee
Hi Rick,
Thanks again for doing such a great job on the garage!
Janet and Cris Southworh
Dear Rick,
We want to tell you how much we appreciated the fine job you did on our house, and the timely manner in which you didi it. we would gladly recomend you to others who need your services.
Lowel and Pat Bullis
Hi Rick,
Thanks so much for your outstanding craftsmanship on our new adventure. Maybe next time LOG for Janet. Time will tell. Again, thank you!
Janet and Cris Southworth